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If you are seriously in the process of making a new kitchen for your home full of functionality and ease to use, you should have come across the term “Modular Kitchen”. We are the best modular kitchen designer available in Chennai, we do all the support and products for providing you with the best kitchen in Chennai. You can get some of the best quality MDFs and Marine plywood with us in Chennai as they are the major components to work with Modular kitchens.

Modular Kitchen is done to make the work easier and more flexible. These modular kitchens can be selected in different modules the modules are separated based on different styles and functionality.   The modular kitchen can be selected as per functionality that is based on the size of the kitchen available to work and the colours you wish. There is a huge number of design preferences available with Orange interiors, we are here to fulfil your requirements completely based on your imaginations. A modular kitchen is highly customisable as per your requirement. There are endless options with us in Orange interiors so that you can select the type of modular kitchen cabinets as per the shape and size of the kitchen available in your home. This will ensure a hassle-free process of installing a modular kitchen in your home.  Modular kitchens serve their very purpose with style and affordability in a perfectly streamlined manner. The additional benefit of being a customer with the orange interior is that you can have a modular kitchen which can be tailored as per your preference so that you could have a modular kitchen personally made for you. Modular kitchens are most common among the people who have limited space for their kitchen like people who stay in a terrace home, flats, 1 BHKs and small individual homes. You can also adopt the modular kitchen at the home where they have an ample amount of space and there you can make your kitchen more luxurious as well as more functional. Some use the corner spaces for storage and some use for cooking, the beauty of modular kitchen lies there with the limitless flexibility. This makes you more comfortable with the modular kitchen to design the kitchen innovatively.

If you have any questions about modular kitchens or placing for a new modular kitchen please get in touch with us at orange interiors, that will be a great please for us to help you.

Modular Kitchen Design interior designers

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Frequently Asked Questions

The modular kitchen is made and with the combination of various cabinets also known as modules. These modules are attached in various combination to make a complete modular kitchen. This gives a great advantage so that the kitchen can be reversed whenever you need to and put together for any number of times.

There are various reasons to install a modular kitchen in your home. They make your life easy and attractive. As per some of the best interior designers and modular kitchen specialist in Chennai we conclude that the main roles ate space management, hygienic and easy to repair.

We at orange interiors categories the modular kitchen accessories, they are Wall units which are used to store your utensils, installed in your convenient height. The next is Worktop, where you do the kitchen work for preparing your food. Then the final one is Kitchen appliance like Chimneys and cooktops. We at Orange Interiors provide the best modular kitchen accessories in Chennai.

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is an artificial look-alike for wood also known as particleboard. This board is made with minute wood residues mixed with wax and binding resin which is then pressed under high temperature as well as pressure together to make them tightly packed steady panel. These MFDs provided by Orange interior are resistant to water and super durable.

Marine ply is a type of plywood which is made with some specific veneers so that they stand against fungus and decomposition so that they can be confidently used in kitchen appliances. They are steadier and stronger so that they can hold a heavier load.

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