Parallel kitchen designing is an art transforming your small and congested kitchen into a spacious kitchen with all the amenities you need without changing the structural design of the building. Where the hall of your home acts as a brain of your home, the kitchen is the heart of your home, taking good care of your home is very easy if you take care of your kitchen. Thus, selecting a parallel kitchen design can make your kitchen more efficient with the small place provided.

The parallel kitchen is designed and installed like a parallelogram, as the modular kitchens are constructed by using various types and sizes of cabinets arranged in different combinations, the parallel kitchen is arranged in a parallel way so that the space available can be used more efficiently. Parallel kitchen design is especially for houses not having space in abundances like apartments, old buildings and small individual homes. The parallel kitchen design has counters on 2 parallel sides of the kitchen wall, which is highly efficient, as it gives a perfectly neat and compact look to the kitchen. Orange interiors have some of the best modular kitchen designers in Chennai who can provide you with an A-to-Z solution for parallel kitchen designing and installing. We can make your parallel kitchen is not only more efficient in space, but we can also make your kitchen more interesting and comfortable, but this also makes the kitchen a better place to be for longer times which is directly proportional to better food menus. We at Orange interiors can design a kitchen which can take care of all the needs and requirements in your kitchen so that you can have all the storage place for your utensils as well as all your food supplies in a protected and a comfortable way. There is no better option for the kitchens than having a parallel kitchen in your compact home.  As cooking and cooking products are developing as the time goes so has to be your kitchen. We at Orange interiors are making a parallel kitchen modern which is ahead of all the other designed available in the market, thus making you a better cook and a technically advanced person from the bunch.

PARALLEL KITCHEN interior designers

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Frequently Asked Questions

There some most important reasons to select a parallel kitchen for your apartment, flats or compact homes. The parallel kitchen provided you with a practical layout without any complexity, ergonomically healthy to work, no limitation in the creativity for the parallel kitchen and the most important part of the parallel kitchen is they provide you with the better organizing freedom.

Yes, there is possibly no limitations for the design and modification of parallel kitchen. If you wish to upgrade the current parallel kitchen available in your home it is also possible. The colour scheme as well as the accessories installed can also be customized from time to time.

Yes, the major reason for designing a parallel kitchen is to increase the floor space available in the kitchen. So that more than one cook will also be comfortable to use the kitchen. For this very reason, some of the hotels in Chennai also adopt the parallel kitchen for better floor space.

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