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Wardrobes & Lofts are storage cabinets used to store various things especially clothes and valuables, they will also feature a lock with them so that you can lock your stuff. Nowadays the trend and technologies have been updated so that Wardrobes & Lofts are not only used to store various things, they also play a vital role in improvising the looks and aesthetics for your home interior.  We at Orange interiors make and design all types of Wardrobes & Lofts namely Walk-in Wardrobes, Sliding door Wardrobes & Lofts, Wall-mounted Wardrobes and Free-Standing Wardrobes with the best quality at an affordable price for our customers in Chennai as well as around Chennai.    

Wardrobes & Lofts are some of the best additional features for your home with modern interior designs, the modular interior will never get a complete look without them. These Wardrobes & Lofts are made as different cabinets which makes easier for installation process while modifying your home interior, the perfect combo of these cabinets with the interior styling will create a sense of awe when combined rightly with the interior design of your home. Some of the top design of home Wardrobes & Lofts are made by Orange Interiors, who can offer a variety of wall-mounted cupboard design ideas for wall fitted wardrobes, full wall wardrobes and wall to wall Wardrobes & Lofts. The design engineers at Orange Interiors experiences for more than a decade so that they can produce a best cupboard and cabinet ideas for your bedrooms, hall, kitchen, study room, veranda, Pooja room, kitchen, bathrooms and all other areas for all types & sizes of home. Small wall mounted cabinets or big mounted cabinets that have rails, drawers and ample storage spaces that are of latest designs and on par with the current trends can be delivered to you by Orange Interiors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Modular interior is never complete without Wardrobes & Lofts, they provide you with more storage space for your garments as well as valuables. They are functional for storage and cover the gaps in your interiors too. They improve the aesthetics and practicality for your home.

Yes, and available Shelf can be converted to a wardrobe by installing doors to them. Once the doors are installed the open shelf will become wardrobe which will be safe now with the lock and this also improved the aesthetics. You can select the designs as per your requirement.

The built-in wardrobes are fixed and there are limitations for the customization, but the wardrobes we fix are better for customization as well as versatility. The custom-fitted wardrobe by Orange interiors can be tailored as per your requirement.

The sliding doors are made according to the overall height and width of the actual aperture in which you wish to install the wardrobe in your home. The maximum height is 2,490mm and the maximum width is 5,000mm for the modular home.

The Orange interior designers produce some of the best quality products in Chennai thus the hanger bar will take up to 30kg of weight, offering plenty of strength to support all of your clothes and the shelving can take the weight of up to 25kg.

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