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A good bathroom design is always done with the perfect colour scheme with the perfect lighting and can be used easily. The bathroom designed and made with very micro attention to detail so that every bits and piece are made elegant as well as with practicality. If you are looking for the best bathroom designers in Chennai, we at Orange interiors can make them for you at an affordable price. We can provide the best quality bathroom and sanitary accessories from all the reputed brands around the globe.


While designing a bathroom the major points to take into consideration are the size, ventilation and the person going to use the bathroom. The expert bathroom designers with Orange interiors can make worders with bathroom provided to us. We can design a bathroom that is tiny with minimal space usage as well as innovative storage ideas for your cosmetics and bigger bathroom with premium luxury features including the bathtub as well as hand showers. We are famous for designing a bathroom that is based on different styles and inspirations. We not only design bathrooms for new homes, we do design for all type of homes including villas, standalone homes, apartments/flats and old bungalow type homes also. The orange interiors can provide you with some of the finest bathroom design in optimum quality at an affordable price point.

Bathroom Interior interior designers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the exhaust fans are always recommended for the bathrooms because the humidity may stay in the atmosphere inside the bathroom which can damage your paintwork and caused rust over the metal parts. We also recommend exhaust fans with the auto switch of option so that they can turn off automatically saving electricity.

Yes, we will provide you with all the possible options in Chennai so that you can select every bit of products used in your bathroom.

Yes, there are cabinets which are specially used for bathrooms, made of PVCs and Plastics. The cabinets used in the bathroom should be rustproof and fungal proof as they are going to stay in the most humid place of the home for their lifetime.

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