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The TV unit is one of the most important entertainment parts of your home which is loved by everyone whether they may be kids or adults. The TV unit is always present in the centre of the living room grabbing everyone’s attention, this can your guest or even you. We spend our leisure times and most of our weekends here only, thus this needs to be decorated, be comfortable, be ergonomic to use regularly. We at Orange interiors are experienced for more than ten years in the field of interior decoration can provide you with the best TV unit design which will be ahead of time and with a superior quality that can last for decades.


We are cent percentage committed to providing you with the innovative style that will stand out from the crowd and in premium quality. Our designers and well qualified and trained to get creative with the design requirement from your end.  With Orange Interiors appointed for TV unit design, you will never have to stick to any of the traditional designs, we will be able to source you any new material and style which you have decided to implement. The TV unit can also be extended to function as a showcase, also hold the music system with the TV so that you can have a good AV experience along with a reasonable amount of storage space. This TV unit developed with the innovative concepts in Orange interior designers, we can also provide ambient lighting arrangements for the TV Unit so that you can have the best time of your life with the home theatre system installed and designed by the best interior designer in Chennai.

TV Unit interior designers

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Frequently Asked Questions

The TV unit should be a little wider than the TV placed which is placed on them so that the TV can be kept balanced on the Unit.

There is no limitation on the size of the TV, the TV unit can be selected and made as per the size of the TV. We at orange interiors can make TV units which can be customised in future if are adopting for a new TV (a bigger one).

Yes, we make everything easier to use for our customers thus we will be providing provision for cables, DVD players and place to mount your Wi-Fi Routers.

Mostly the TV Unit is not a single piece. If the TV unit was a single piece the transportation will be more difficult and there are greater chanced to dame the product. So, we usually transport the unit in separate pieces to all place of Chennai.

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