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The Electrical work is some of the basic need for every home, this is not only done on a decorative aspect they are done mostly for safety purposes in-home so that the kids and children can be safe from all the hazards caused by the electricity. Interior decoration of the house also involves handling electrical connections to fit in new appliances, lightings and motors for pumping underground water to our reservoir tanks. We have some of the best electrical engineers to safely handle all the electricals in your home. Our electrical engineers can also design a properly approved electrical lining layout for your home to ensure your safety.


A messed up electrical wiring may cause a lot of issues in your home like short-circuiting, electrical appliances failure and may also cause major hazards. We are familiar with both the 3-phase power supply and 1 (single) phase power supply, making us suitable for working in all types of electrical connection. Orange Interiors have topmost electrical contractors in Chennai and can offer you the best electrical service work for your home. By working hand in hand with the best electrical, industrial, commercial and home companies in Chennai, Orange Interiors succeed in giving you a wholesome electrical fitting for all your house requirements including sales and service of electrical machinery. Always get into touch with all you home-based needs, so that you can get that completed with Safety at Orange Interiors in Chennai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The electrical works should always be handled by the professionals because electricity always seems to a simple task, but a small mistake can make you lose someone’s life. Working is electricity without proper protection and experience will cause a major hazard.

The generator is a high output producing device, these are generally used for professional purposes only. We can use a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) unit for your home which can serve the purpose.

The circuit breaker is installed in a circuit to protect you from the hazard, if it senses any electricity seepage it will break and opens the circuit, eventually this stops the flow of electricity to safeguard you and the electrical equipment in your home.

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