As time goes, we become older our families and friends grow along with our lifestyle and needs, in that case, we will require a larger space to lead the rest of our lives which finally ends up with a bigger kitchen. For a larger kitchen, the island kitchen will provide you with the best solution without reducing the floor space but increase the comfort and luxuries. We at Orange interiors can provide you with some of the best options for Island modular kitchen in Chennai.

In a bigger layout of the kitchen, the concept of having an island modular kitchen is the most practical option to select for a home especially with a second sink, few extra electrical outlets, surfaces for the food preparation, an under-counter wine chiller with overhead storage of glasses and some bulky cooking implements. Island Kitchen as the name says, this is a separate piece of the cabinet which will not be attached to any wall your kitchen. The cabinet is the centre piece of the model which is used as the major storage space for heavy items which needs to store in a low surface and mostly the secondary sink for the kitchen is installed. This is the major part of the island kitchen, thus most of the work is done in this cabinet to satisfy its practicality as well as the look of the kitchen. Orange interiors being the best modular kitchen designers in Chennai, can develop island kitchen which not only looks call but also with the most practical and in an efficient price. The designs of our centrepieces perfectly match with the kitchen layout and are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The Island modular kitchen design is mostly preferred in a home with an ample amount of space available for the kitchen. We would recommend this type of kitchen for Penthouse, large standalone homes, duplex apartments and large villas. With our expert kitchen designers in Orange interiors, we can create Island kitchen ideas and Cabinet ideas even for small kitchens with not much space. This makes the cabinet ornamented and equipped at the same time. We also individually design the layout of the centre cabinet, to fit the already existing modular style in your home. Smart use of latest Island kitchen design ideas makes the centre cabinet cost-effective, which is also important for Island kitchen designs in Chennai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Island Modular kitchen not only acts as a kitchen, but they can also be used as a table for breakfast, used as a working zone in your kitchen for cleaning and packing thing. It is a separate work space integrated into your kitchen itself which will be useful for storage and cooking as well as making the kitchen a premium part of the home.

Yes, Island kitchen is very versatile and can be customized as per your imagination. This does not end in upgrading the kitchen, the Island kitchen can be converted into a parallel kitchen, u shaped kitchen and L shaped kitchen as well. This can also be processed vice versa; another type of kitchens can also be converted to Island kitchen easily.

No, the major reason for designing an Island Kitchen is the maintain the floor space without losing them. This modular kitchen design will easily allow multiple persons to access the kitchen at the same time.

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