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As pandemic fear fades and worries about the economy persist, how we think about our houses will change in 2023. Recent years have prompted us to look inward, either revisiting regrettable domestic mistakes made prior to the lockdown or reconsidering the sometimes hazy lines between home and the workplace. Now that we've dealt with our past transgressions and returned to our workplace chairs that are ergonomic (wherever they may be), home design concepts for the future year touch burgeoning personal and global concerns.



We'll see an interesting combination of new and recurrent trends in the next year.  The return of vivid color, natural stone surfaces, closed floor plans, hybrid metallic finishes, luxurious living, statement lighting, and sixties and seventies influences — particularly in furniture design — are among the most prominent design elements for 2023. Several interior design themes are emerging, with elevated being one of the 2023 keywords, and you'll notice that notion threaded throughout this list.  No matter what décor style you prefer, luxurious looks, opulent textiles, and subtle opulence are in. Whilst the 2023 decor styles are diverse, they all possess the ability to add beauty, luxury, and elegance to your house in the years to come. 



Furthermore, in 2023, interior design will become less about what's current and more about expressing oneself.  Instead of particular trends increasing or decreasing, we are seeing distinct layout styles converge.  Modern minimalist style, for example, favors clean lines, shades of grey, and black accents, whereas maximalist design favors layered textures, color, and vintage objects.  Both design viewpoints, however, embrace the use of natural materials such as wood, stone, wool, linen, and rattan, as well as numerous additional trends on the list. With the boundaries between different decorating styles blurring, you're free to create your own take on any decor style you choose in 2023, ushering in a more personalized approach to interior design and home décor. What's trendy speaks to our artistic preferences as well as how we want to live. Home decor trends frequently signal a consistent transition towards a new way of life. irrespective of how feasible the 2023 interior design concepts are, they will thrill even the most passionate bohemians. Bright, vibrant, and exciting interiors are resurfacing. Furthermore, organic and environmentally friendly architecture is gaining popularity. This is not a new notion, but the desire to create a natural and healthy environment is a developing interior design trend. Following the pace in 2023, home décor trends, these vibrant additions will definitely freshen your homes throughout the year 2023. Life is full of flux and change. As a result, we can anticipate what's fresh and intriguing with each passing day. And in 2023, we can expect to witness interior design ideas that excite us with the unknown. However, some modern style concepts simply polish and enhance what the design industry is now loving. In any case, ethereal spaces are likely to outperform what has come before. Let's look at what's popular right now. Trends in interior design 2023 come in a variety of fashions; do you know what yours is? An interior design taste quiz can assist designers in determining which trends correspond to their own style!



Neutrals from the warm '90s back 



  Bring on the brown, beige, and cream. Cool shades of grey will be replaced with hues that are, dare we say, reminiscent of the 1990s. There is a shift away from the tougher grey tones that have been popular over the last decade and towards those that are gentler and softer. The neutrals we're choosing for our homes now reflect our desire to convey calm and optimism, engulfing spaces in warmth and a sense of well-being.



Focus on well-being 



 One of the trendiest interior design concepts for 2023 is wellness. Self-care is important for promoting well-being, but an atmosphere that promotes healthy living can also help. In reality, wellness design can help people slow down and practice mindfulness. As an outcome, we as Orange Interiors are able to execute at our best. So, expect to see incredibly healthy settings created through innovation in the next months.



Design Ideas for Sustainability- The customers are becoming increasingly mindful of selecting environmentally friendly choices, and rightly so, as the discussions about and significance of sustainable design begin to take center stage. Consumers are increasingly interested in learning where and how items are made now. 



Fabrics that are indestructible- Everyone wants fabrics that are indestructible. There are numerous alternatives that resemble the look of natural linen, velvet, and textured textiles while being outdoor-rated, stain-resistant, and high-performance. When combined with stain-resistant, machine-washable rugs, we can now create houses that do not sacrifice utility for aesthetics. Many of the materials are made of plastic that has been recycled and contributes to the movement of sustainability and reuse. 



 Rooms for Listening



 Listening rooms, commonly referred to as music rooms, have long been cherished by enthusiasts of audio, but they're gaining popularity among the general public as vinyl record sales continue to rise. A listening room is essentially a dedicated location for music, whether it's making your own or playing your favorite tracks to unwind and enjoy, either alone or with a group of people. Even if you don't have a spare room, an exclusive corner or nook in any room can be turned into a music-listening space.



 Statement Lighting



More vivid colors, lustrous rather than matte coatings, and elaborate lamp encompasses are things we expect to experience. Traditional fabrics and patterns have grown in popularity, and we are now offering new colors of pleated linen as standard. Ceramic shades for tables, floors, and even pendant or surface mounts are also expected to become popular. 



Make the Most of Natural Light  



  The more we learn about what improves human performance, the more we'll see such features in interiors - everywhere possible. One factor emphasized in the present and next designs is natural light. There is a new emphasis on maximizing natural light, as shown in the vast, bare windows, and white, and shining surfaces. So why not? Natural light can help us sleep better, focus better, and feel better. Additionally, it helps generate vitamin D.



 A workplace with Style and Improved Room Multifunction 



  Whether living at home or in a professional setting, the workplace has been modified. However, it is only recently that these places have seen extremely personalized designs. Features that make work less stressful may be included in the office. The workspace receives a joyful makeover, from furniture design to layout to indoor grass, to boost its utilization and employee productivity. And, if you work from home, this includes customizing the interior to your exact specifications. Increased work-from-home arrangements necessitate increased multi-functionality within the home. As part of the 2023 interior design trends, we expect to see more living rooms with workspaces. Even kitchen trends in 2023 allow modest homes to meet business requirements. When the day's work is done, all that is required is a multipurpose panel that can roll away or doubles for another use.



Convivial Seating with an Emphasis on Entertainment 



In recent years, there has been a huge increase in home socialization. Unique seating arrangements and layouts are therefore becoming more popular in 2023's interior design ideas. Consider conversation areas, spiral seating, and sofas with seats on both sides of the backrest. The goal is to foster relationships and create a lively environment. You'll reconnect with our favorite folks in the most fashionable way! 



Laundry & Mudroom Design 



There is no untouched space. Designers and homemakers are putting more emphasis on making homes that serve their occupants. That is why every inch counts. Mudrooms and laundry facilities will be given a trendy makeover. As a result, from the foyer to the most utilitarian of places, houses will have the same air throughout. The interior design trends of 2023 will undoubtedly adorn every nook and cranny of a home.



Plaster and lime wash 



 The earthy and natural feel of lime wash and plaster has a tremendous impact on the wall texture and room ambiance. Either finish is suitable for any interior design taste. These wall treatments complement many of the other 2023 popular interior design concepts on this list.



Trends in Outdoor Furniture



Many aspects of design are influenced by nature. For example, a building's setting, whether mountainous or desert, has a greater impact on its interior than ever before. This is due to an increase in the usage of local, eco-friendly materials by craftspeople and designers. They also draw inspiration from their surroundings. As a result, expect colors, structure, and even furnishings design trends in 2023 to mirror their surroundings.



The appearance and feel of decor, furnishings, and interiors will be determined by local products. In a snowy area, for example, wool, sheepskin, and wood are readily available. These materials, on the other hand, are more difficult to find in the tropics. Furthermore, many materials, from stone to fabrics, are inherently more abundant in one region than another. As a result, when individuals source locally and respect their natural surroundings, the interior follows suit.  



It's one thing to appreciate tomorrow's trends; it's quite another to embrace them in an appropriate manner. Fortunately, our expert designers can assist you in creating a timeless home. Make an appointment for a free Orange interior design consultation to learn more. 


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