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Every home design project should include indoor plants. House flora enriches the environment and is supposed to lift the mood. Plants that are grown indoors are quite popular since they are easy to care for, have health benefits, and may fit into a variety of indoor décor styles. For people who live in regions with extremely cold winters or who have limited space in their backyard for an outdoor garden, indoor plants are a fantastic option. Therefore, whether you're taking care of indoor plants for the first time ever, our comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to ensure the success of your green buddies. We posed our Experts at Orange Interiors to respond to the most often asked questions regarding indoor plants in order to give you an industry perspective.

With our simple guide, learn which indoor plants can bring color and intrigue to any space. With a wealth of professional advice on which indoor plants will thrive in your space, you can put an end to any concerns about your green thumb failing you.

You may learn how to confidently choose house plants and fill your home with low-maintenance but incredibly gorgeous plants, from statuesque favorites like the Swiss Cheese plant and Kentia palm to the little but just as stunning Calathea and Anthuriums. There are many unique plant shapes and behaviors available because most indoor plants are native to the tropics. While delicate trailing beauties like the fascinating Jade necklace vine and String of Hearts would look magnificent cascading from an elevated shelf or mantelpiece, an Elephant's Ear or Kentia palm with enormous glossy leaves will do an excellent job of warming up an empty nook. Then, of certainly, there are plants in the house that purify the air to take into account. Right plant, Right place, and this certainly apply to house plants as well as those in the garden. When putting a plant at home, be reasonable, take into account both its functional requirements and your ideal aesthetically pleasing, and be willing to make accommodations. Some toilet plants, for example, thrive in humid conditions, but others might suffer in this setting. The best indoor plants for you and your residence are listed underneath.

Strings of Heart

This tiny trailing plant is incredibly tolerant and low maintenance, making it very easy to care for. The underside of the small heart-shaped silver-grey leaflets is rose-pink. It holds moisture in its long stems, which can be up to 6 1/2 feet (2 meters) long, just like a succulent. As an outcome, this plant is great as a bedroom plant and looks stunning when placed on a shelf or in a hanging planter over stairs or a window.

It thrives at most room temperatures; however, avoid draughts and direct sunlight as it prefers damp but not soggy soil. Want to occasionally give it a boost? After that, sprinkle with a spray of water and spend several hours in front of a window in the early hours of the morning or evening.

Snake plant or Sansevieria

The striking feature of this plant is its striped, sword-like leaves that twist and turn. It is commonly referred to as mother-in-law's tongue and is tough and incredibly drought tolerant. It makes the ideal focal point on a side table or tucked away in a corner. There are numerous snake plant kinds to pick from, ranging in height from sixteen inches (about forty centimeters) for dwarf varieties like Sansevieria fischeri to three to four feet (91–121 cm) for Masoniana and trifasciata types. They have a somewhat sluggish growth rate and can tolerate low light levels, although they grow more quickly in higher light levels. These plants can survive outside in HDSA areas 9–12; they are native to the west of Africa. They will, however, perish if exposed to frost or temps below 50 degrees Fahrenheit Water once every other week in the spring and summer, but shorter than once a month in the winter months when the plant is inactive.

Peace lily or spathiphyllum plant

Undoubtedly, the phrase "peace lily" conjures tranquillity. These resilient plants "flower and are aesthetically pleasing" and may eventually be beneficial to your health. One of the most well-liked indoor plants is the Peace lily, the pinnacle of elegance with its glossy tear-shaped leaves and snow-white blossoms. They are effortlessly stylish and exude calm and simplicity, but they occasionally have mood swings. The positive aspect is that these home interior plants will let you know when they are thirsty because the leaves will droop. They appreciate moist soil. Place it near the shower to give yourself an occasional boost or water spray mist. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight as it may scorch the foliage; instead, position it in a mild, sunny area for the healthiest, deepest green leaves. This plant can withstand lows of 54°F (12°C) and grows to a height of approximately thirty inches (a total of 75 cm) and thrives in temperatures between 65 and 75°F (eighteen and twenty-four Celsius).

Monstera Deliciosa or Swiss Cheese Plant

What's not to enjoy about Monstera deliciosa home interior plant, often known as the Swiss Cheese Plant? It has enormous glossy leaves and a tropical atmosphere. It's a houseplant that makes a large effect and looks amazing that is native to Mexico and the region of Central America. Consider the climate and surroundings of the jungle, where these plants originally came from. There is a lot of moisture, heavy, frequent rain, bright light, but usually covered by taller trees." You may create these conditions in your own home's steamy kitchen, bathroom, or even toasty living room.

These readily identifiable house interior plants are ladders with aerial roots, so to resemble the trees they cling to in the wild indoors, they do need to be taught up moss cover poles. Depending on the size of the pot, it can reach a height of up to seventy-eight inches (2 meters) when grown indoors. It adores mild temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (eighteen and twenty-seven degrees Celsius), but it will not take cold draughts or temperatures below 53 degrees.

Spider Plant or Chlorophytum Comosum

Chlorophytum comosum, often known as spider house interior plants, are really simple to cultivate, do not require regular attention, and flourish with little effort on your part. hence, the plant's name comes from the small leaflets produced on long trailing stems that vaguely resemble spiders, which is the reason why they have narrow leaves. Spider plants have a reputation for assisting in air purification. Plants can serve as a natural air filter to reduce pollutants, in accordance with NASA research that looked at the leaves, soil, roots, and microbes of a variety of houseplants. According to the study, spider plants in a sealed Plexiglass container removed 95 percent of the harmful formaldehyde from the air over the course of a day.

Elephant Ear Plants

elephant ear plants are the best interior plants if you want to spend slightly bit more time with your houseplants. These are arranged into a collection of perennial, tropical plants distinguished by their large, heart-shaped leaves. They can grow large and may require additional space. They require strong sunshine and frequent watering to maintain the soil moist. The edible starchy tubers of several species have been cultivated because they are a staple meal in some tropical areas. The leaves have a history of being used medicinally to treat insect strings.


The Boston ferns were the most effective in organically purifying the air. In baskets that dangle or on plant holders that enable their fronds to droop, the plants develop readily and exhibit their greatest indoor appearance. They could take a little more of your effort because they need constantly moist soil and medium-brightness light.

Aloe Vera

A typical plant in Indian homes is aloe vera. The thick, sensitive leaves of this succulent plant taper at the ends. This plant has numerous advantages for skincare, haircare, and Vastu in addition to purifying the air around it. Aloe Vera is a low-maintenance plant that just requires weekly watering and three to four hours of indirect, bright sunshine. Aloe Vera houseplants are the ideal choice of indoor plants to spruce up a sunny area of your home.


The arrow-shaped Syngonium plant eventually grows a five-lobed leaf. Because of the striking resemblance between its five lobes and all five elements of nature, it is referred to as the Feng Shui plant. In the middle of your circular table or even between two neighboring seats, Syngonium is a NASA-recommended air purifier plant. Syngoniums, often known as gooseplants, are tough plants that thrive in low, harsh sunlight and only require weekly watering to mature.

Philodendron Congo

The most common hardy indoor home plants with glossy leaves are Philodendron congo. They have trailing vines that can reach a length of ten feet and heart-shaped leaves. The low-maintenance Philodendron Congo makes a great houseplant. If the soil is dry, you must water it every morning. The philodendron is an excellent plant for beginners because it thrives in dimly lit areas like office tables and shelves.

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