The walk-in wardrobes are one of the most luxurious features available in a luxury home or villa. A luxury living place should have a walk-in wardrobe, a Walk-in wardrobe is a room full of storage place for your garments and fashion accessories where you will have enough space to get in changing your attires as well as check them using the full-sized mirror present in there. Orange interiors have worked with various clients in Chennai for designing and installing Walk-In wardrobes, hence we have ample amount of experience in creating a Walk-in wardrobe. We have done Walk-in wardrobes for various celebrity’s home and star hotels too in Chennai.

The walk-in wardrobe is every girl’s dream, if you are wishing to create a walk-in wardrobe you should be able to provide sufficient space and windows for that place. We at Orange interiors provide you with the endless options of Walk-in wardrobes or walk-in closets which can also be customised as per your requirement.  The walk-in wardrobes provided by us will be in the finest quality available in Chennai, we also provide you with the warranty as per the brand. You may think that Walk-in wardrobe is one of the costliest ways to organise, but no worries we are here to hold your bac with the best price in Chennai. These types of wardrobes are really a good organiser for your garments, watches, shoes and ornaments. We will be a one-stop solution for all the wardrobe requirements in Chennai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Walk-in wardrobes don't take up more space they do not have the regular doors like other wardrobes. The walk-in wardrobes usually have sliding doors or folding doors to make use of the maximum space.

Yes, walk-in wardrobes are really a good option to opt from and we at the Orange interiors will make it better. But you should be able to dedicate a reasonable quantity of place to create a Walk-in wardrobe. We will never advise a walk-in wardrobe if there is not sufficient place.

The minimum size required to design and install a Walk-in Wardrobe is 7*10 feet. This will be enough to install shelves, drawers, lockers and mirrors.


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