The Sliding door Wardrobes are wardrobes with doors that slide open to sideways on the runners installed in the frame of the door. These types of wardrobes will not have side hinge as their doors slide away thus space required by hinged doors that open outwards. The Sliding door wardrobe will be a better option if you are having a room that is very congested and awkward looking in shape. The Orange interior designer is one of the leading interior designers in Chennai and we have some of the best and fast options for sliding door wardrobes.

Sliding door wardrobes do a pretty good job in saving spaces when you are suffering from space constrain in your home. Sliding doors are often topped with mirrors as it uses up space efficiently as a dual-purpose sling door. Orange Interiors have a top range of sliding door design types for you to select from. We design large and small sliding doors with mirrors, the dual door sliding type with mirrors, frosted mirror sliding doors, sliding glass mirror doors, double mirror sliding doors, smoked mirror sliding doors along with triple sliding doors with mirrors. Wardrobes set the tempo of how you are trying to portray your room, choose from a range of options at Orange Interiors. As we are the leading wardrobe manufacturer in Chennai you should probably give a try with us and we promise you that we will be surprised by our services for the sliding door wardrobe in Chennai.

SLIDING DOOR WARDROBE interior designers

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Sliding door wardrobe is the best solution for space-saving they do not require any door opening space as the doors move sideways and the doors can be used as a dual purpose door like a mirror attached to it.

The sliding door is the best option to save space, selecting the option with Orange interior will save you a fortune. With these years of interior designing experience, we can provide you with some of the best quality products at an affordable price which will really be competitive in the wardrobe market in Chennai.

The sliding doors are always said to be unsafe and insecure as compared to another type of doors. No worries, we are always here to sort things out, being a leading interior designer in Chennai we provide various safety measures and high-quality products so that your belongings stored inside them will be safe.

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