False Ceiling is a ceiling which is installed below your original ceiling inside the house, this False ceiling is a replica for the real ceiling but with an appealing design. This false ceiling is a suspended ceiling below the original ceiling which can be designed and decorated as per your preference. They are not only an aesthetic upgrade but they are also used for covering exposed electrical lines, plumbing lines, act as weather and soundproof for the building. These are usually mounted at a minimum distance of 8 inches from the original ceiling. The Orange interiors do all type of false ceiling for the living room in Chennai. These Living room false ceiling creates great appearance value for your home and will be a visual treat for the guests who enter your home. Orange interiors are famous for the quality of false ceiling we have installed in every home we have come across in Chennai, our false ceilings are not only the best quality in the market, but we offer them at a very competitive price also.


Every living room interior decoration process is never completed without the installation of the false ceiling into the roof of the building, they also provide high flexibility for designing the interior as per your preference.  With the safe hands of Orange interiors, you will receive the finished false ceiling for your living room which will appear better than your expectation. The Living room false ceiling has become the latest trend in the interior designing culture. As this false ceiling designing for your living room has no limitation on their shape and size, the designing of the living room false ceiling is limited only to our imagination. With the experienced living room false ceiling designers in Orange interiors, we can provide some of the finest living room false ceiling along will all the electrical work was done into it in a very short time, best looking, premium quality and in the lowest price in the Chennai market for false ceiling installation. Always does not hesitate to install the living room false ceiling, it completes the living room interior in the best way.


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several types of false ceiling in the market available in Chennai, the major types of fall ceilings in preference by people of Chennai are Single-layered False Ceiling, Multi-layered False Ceiling, plus-minus-false-ceiling and coffered False Ceiling.

The false ceiling needs to be light as well as durable for a very long time. Thus, Gypsum and wood are the most commonly preferred materials for false ceiling in Chennai. They also have endless customisation options.

The False ceiling in your living room and all placed of your home can make the room soundproof, hight the electrical components, insulation, better look and also brings the ceiling a little lower if the ceiling is lofty.

The best quality false ceiling is made with premium-grade POP and gypsum, they will easily last for more than 2 decades if they are maintained without any physical damage.

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