The Single cot bed is popularly used in homes where they have some grown-up kids so that you provide them with some personal space. Doctors and psychiatrists say that children above 15 years should be given private space probably you should provide them with a separate bedroom or a separate bed at least. The single cot bed is one of the best options to provide a private space for your children. Most commonly the single cot bed is 72 inches in length and 36 inches in width, we can also make custom size single cot beds as per your requirements and sizes application for your ideal bedroom. At Orange interiors, we can design, make custom single cot beds for your kids. A multiple-tyre cot can be designed for your kid’s bedroom if there is a space constrain in your home.


Orange interiors can provide you with all types of single cot bed option for you, the customisation is limitless, you can select the types of woods to be used in your cot, whether you need a light or heavy. The single cot bed can also be designed in steel and also a bench type single cot can also be designed where the headrest needs to be mounded on the wall which can be modified on the oncoming years. The most common style of single cot bed preferred by Chennai people are modern single cot beds, Mid-century modern single cot bed, contemporary single cot beds, Transitional single cot bed, Traditional single cot bed and Mission single bed. You can also select any mix of style for your bedroom, we will be able to make you the one you prefer. We have some of the best carpentry workers with us so that we can single cot bed for you in Chennai and locations around Chennai, these single cots are made in supreme quality and affordable price in Chennai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The standard size of a single cot bed is 3 feet in width and 6 feet in length. These can be made in custom size as per your size requirement and space availability in your home.

The single cot beds are always placed near any wall of the room, as the bed’s width is comparatively small so you nay tend to fall from them so the wall may be supportable for your single cot bed.

Sure, that can be applied in all types of home, usually, the height of the ceiling will be more than 10 feet, the bunker or multi tyre single cot will not higher 5.5 feet thus you will be having more than 4 feet of headroom.

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