The King Size cot bed is popularly used in homes where you have some young kids so that you can accommodate them in your bed and be comfortable. The King Size cot bed is one of the best options to provide a luxury space for you and your partner. The king-size cot bed is 76 inches in width by 80 inches in length which can provide you ample space for usage. At Orange interiors, we can design, make custom King Size cot for you with under bed storage, headrest storage as per your requirements.


Orange interiors can provide you with all types of King Size cot bed option for you, the customisation is limitless, you can select the types of woods to be used in your cot, whether you need a light or heavy. The King Size cot bed can also be designed in steel and also a bench type King Size cot can also be designed where the headrest needs to be mounded on the wall which can be modified on the oncoming years. Usually, the king-size beds are installed in the master bedroom, selecting a king size cot my eat up waling space in your room, if you are left with sufficient space in your bedroom you can select the king-size bed. You can also select any mix of style for your bedroom, we will be able to make you the one you prefer. We have some of the best carpentry workers with us so that we can make as well as deliver King Size cot bed for you in Chennai and locations around Chennai, these King Size cots are made in supreme quality and affordable price in Chennai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The standard size of a King Size cot beds is 6 feet, 4 inches in width and 6 feet, 8 inches in length. The cot can be fitted with various storage compartments and made more practical.

The King Size cot beds are always placed in the centre of the bedroom, as the king-size bed is the centre of attraction of your master bedroom and they can not only be a luxury feature in your bedroom, they can also increase the aesthetic value of your room.

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