The dressing table is the place where you can admire yourself and make you look the best. The person whom you can trust the most, love the most, hate the most, get angry the most and feel pity the most is you, so you need to look at you and say thank you for the challenges you are coming across every day. This dressing table can make you a lucky charm for yourself. We are here for you to make the best dressing table in Chennai.


Nowadays the pollution and climatic condition affect our skins, thus we need to take care of them properly. Thus, cosmetics have become people’s essential in their day-to-day life, here comes the need for a dressing table which makes the usage of cosmetics become a much easier process. The dressing table designed by us will have proper storage space for your cosmetics, your makeup products in separate cabins as per their style and perfect lighting so that you can get into detail. There are various dressing table styles and shaped suiting your need and style of your interior design. We have wall-mounted dressing table which will have wall mounted storage spaces or floor placed storage cabinets, vanity mirrors mount on a pedestal which can be adjusted as per your viewing direction, dressing tables with a chair which can be pushed inside the dressing table once used. There are limitless styles and option of dressing table with us at Orange interiors at the best price and best quality. You can directly visit our facility to have a look and feel before selecting a dressing table for your bedroom before purchasing or you can call Orange interior services to get them delivered to any locations in Chennai and placed near Chennai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The dressing tables were used popularly in the ’90s, but now dressing tables are again becoming more popular in Chennai. Many people prefer to purchase a dressing table customised for their need and style. We can make some best style dressing tables in a compact style.

The dressing tables are usually placed in the Bedroom so that you can get some personal time to spend taking care of yourself. If you are having a walk-in wardrobe in your home you can also install the dressing table in there.

There is no compulsion in choosing the colours for your dressing table. The mixing of colours can also be applied which can give a contrast look for your home and selecting the same colour can provide you with an elegant look for your dressing room or bed room.

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